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2018 Xingke Ronggu Long Gorge Double Day Tour

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Cool off and enjoy a two-day trip to Gulong Gorge

Shenzhen Xingkerong Technology Co., Ltd. 2018 Employee Tourism Activity

Until August, with a long breeze and a fragrance of jasmine. It is the golden autumn season, with the summer heat still lingering and the sky floating and restless. On August 6th, the company organized a two-day sightseeing tour to Qingyuan in 2018 to reward employees for their work and enhance their sense of happiness, allowing them to share the achievements of corporate development.

This tourism event received strong support from the company's chairman and management, and extensive suggestions were collected and carefully prepared from the determination of travel time to the arrangement of tourist attractions and itineraries. Before leaving, the group manager personally took photos of the traveling employees, instructing them to pay attention and emphasizing that the team leaders should ensure the safe travel and smooth return of the team.

The fragrance overflows far, the mountains and waters are beautiful, and the tranquility reaches far. It truly deserves the name Qingyuan. The company organized a self driving trip and came to Qingyuan amidst laughter and laughter. The mountains and rivers were covered in lush greenery, with bamboo shadows and rippling water. It was truly green in the eyes, and the sky was clear and the clouds were light and leisurely. Farewell from the hustle and bustle of the city, my body and mind seemed to blend into this fresh world.

The winding path is flanked by the rustling bamboo forest, with distant mountains and blue fields emitting smoke. Looking up, there is a vast expanse of blue sky and white clouds lingering. After passing the signpost of a small cabin in the forest, we arrived at the Zhuxi Inn where we stayed one by one at our destination. The cottage is located near the mountain and water, with a small lotus pond in front of the door and a bamboo grove next to it. The flower cluster and brocade tribe are extremely elegant. The hospital has complete facilities, various sports facilities, KTV, barbecue rack, and there are always things you like to play.

The mountains are like waves, and the springs and streams are surging. Treading on the floating clouds, the scenery of the pine waves is breathtaking. After finishing their meal, the group rushed to Gulong Gorge, where the towering cliff and Gulong Grand Canyon were hidden among the vast mountains. The first thing they came to was the Glass Grand Canyon of Gulong Gorge. Looking down through the glass, they saw the mountains, waterfalls, and floating clouds descending, as if walking among the floating clouds of the mountains. Qingyuan is the hometown of Chinese rafting, and Gulong Gorge is the pinnacle of Qingyuan rafting. The Gulong Gorge International Drifting Track covers a total distance of 6063 meters, with a drop of 378 meters and a maximum speed of 72 kilometers per hour. The gorge is deep and steep, with cliffs facing each other, high mountains and dense forests, towering ancient trees, and vines intertwined. Relax your body and mind amidst thrilling and joyful screams, increase collaboration and communication between each other, and solidify strong friendships.

On the afternoon of the 7th, we returned safely, loaded with laughter, and returned safely. This trip has come to a successful end.


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