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Shenzhen Xingkerong Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Xingkerong) was founded in 2007 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production, manufacturing, and maintenance of industrial grade power supplies. Xingke Rong has long been committed to the independent research and development, design, production and sales of AVR intelligent voltage regulators, contactless voltage regulators, aging power transformers, photovoltaic new energy transformers, variable frequency power supplies, voltage regulators, UPS uninterruptible power supplies, and other products.

After 16 years of persistence and innovation, the products and services provided by Shenzhen Xingkerong Technology Co., Ltd. have been widely applied in various industries, including communication, photovoltaic, printing, hospitals, education, rail transit, power systems, aging houses, industrial automation equipment, etc., and have been highly trusted and praised by users

Xingke Rong has always focused on the application field of industrial power supply, adhering to market demand orientation, and taking technological innovation as the foundation of enterprise development. It has cultivated a technical team that is brave in innovation and enterprising in research. The company strictly implements the spirit of the ISO9001 quality system and adheres to the principle of; Quality First, Customer First; Our policy is based on" Stable, reliable, efficient, and fast&# quo; Our product philosophy and technical services actively explore domestic and international markets, and our products are exported to various countries such as North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, contributing to the world's energy industry; MADE IN CHINA” Positive efforts and contributions.



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+8613613025365 Rebbeca Kuang

+8613823534157 Lily Zhao

+8613632876020 Leya Yang


service hotline: 86 755 27659150 (customer service)

Technical service hotline: 13632585557 (technical support)


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No.129 Li Songlang. Industrial Zone, Gongming Street, Guangming. NewDistrict, ShenzhenChina 518106.


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